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With over 13 years of experience in the hair industry, I began my career at a creative salon in Chicago, where I honed my skills for 9 years. Specializing in creative color placement and razor cutting for all hair types, I am passionate about delivering exceptional results. Additionally, I offer services such as lived-in color or balayage, hair extensions, brow tinting, and waxes. Follow my journey on Instagram @Fixbyalyssa

My fascination with hair color and style started during high school. I experimented on my own hair with vivid colors and razor cutting, often using subpar products. Over time I became more conscious of the impact that chemicals can have on our bodies. As some of you may know your skin is the largest organ of the body absorbing everything you put on it. As some of you may know your skin is the largest organ of the body, absorbing everything you put on it. Later in life I became very aware of the effects these chemicals have on your body.

How could someone who lived a seemingly healthy life end up with this?

This realization struck me deeply when my aunt, whom I considered a second mother, passed away from hormone-related breast cancer. Witnessing the health decline of someone who appeared to be living a healthy life was a real wake up call for me.

I began to research ingredients that disrupt hormones trying to figure out which ones I should be avoiding when I realized that all the “main stream salon” brands that were supposed to be of better quality, were actually filled with toxic chemicals!

Having personally experienced the aggravation of my autoimmune issues due to daily product use, I developed a genuine passion for holistic well-being. I prioritize my fitness and nutrition, exercising daily and coaching functional movement at my CrossFit gym. I adhere to a natural diet, consuming nourishing foods that align with my goal of eliminating toxic chemicals and ingredients from my life, including my hair products. I also assist others in cleaning up their diets and becoming more conscious of their consumption. Another essential aspect of my overall health is cultivating a positive attitude towards life. By practicing mindfulness and approaching each day with good intentions, I have found a refreshing perspective on life.

Working at a clean salon and using non-toxic products on my clients while educating them is deeply gratifying. I believe it is crucial to guide others towards a healthier lifestyle. I could not have found a more perfect salon to meet my needs than Fleur Salon in Barrington. We proudly use OWAY which is a fully organic toxic free hair color and style line. Check out @Fleursalonbarrington on Instagram

Join me on this journey, and together, let’s create something special. Click the link below to book your appointment with me! I look forward to meeting you!

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